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The puzzles on the archive page are no longer available. We do not reproduce them unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box

The puzzle may be categorized into Juno's disguised series, following Sequential Discovery Burred Box, SDBBB, and SDBB Master. His first intention was to produce a simple 3 x 3 x 3 cube puzzle but after he prepared timber stocks, he changed his mind and started adding features to make it into a sequential discovery puzzle. He usually changes the design and function of details while continuing to manufacture such kind of puzzles, and it was not until June of this year that the final draft of one of the part of the puzzle was decided. We had a chance to lose the entire product until the very last step of the production.

The difficulty of the puzzle and number of steps to solve the puzzle will be about the same as SDBBB depending on how it is counted. A few people who are very observant will be able to solve the puzzle within an hour but if you cannot find out how the tricks work, it can be a week or a month. Hints are always provided to help you move on to the next step, but one of the steps is very tricky and may go unnoticed by many solvers.

The puzzles can be solved with gentle operation, and there is no need to bash or violently shake the puzzle. Of course, the use of any tools not included in the puzzle is prohibited.

Fijian Mahogany is used for the main part of the puzzle, and the wood used for the internal parts is mainly Iroko, Jarrah and sapwood of Bubinga, with Jarrah being used especially for the parts that require durability and wear resistance.

The base is not part of the puzzle, it is there to display the puzzle. The wood used is Spotted Gum, which is native to Australia and may have minor defects such as grub holes and hairline cracks. The stability of the puzzle when placed on the base is not so high, so please be careful not to let the puzzle fall when displaying it in an area with a lot of vibration caused by something like earthquakes or construction.

Size: 77 mm x 77 mm x 77 mm

Number of pieces: Secret

Material: Fijian Mahogany, Spotted Gum (base), Iroko, Jarrah, and metal parts

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 9+