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The puzzles on the archive page are no longer available. We do not reproduce them unless otherwise stated in the product description.

SDBB Master

SDBB Master

This is the most complex sequential discovery puzzle we have ever produced that also requires more solving steps than our former product, Slammed Car. The puzzle has six compartments and to reach the goal to access the last compartment, you have to open five boxes along the way. To make the goal of the puzzle clearer, we have put a kind of small charm, it has the shape of infinity, in the last compartment.

Like many other sequential discovery puzzles designed by Juno, there usually is a hint to the next step of the puzzle. Observe the shape of the consisting parts carefully, use your imagination and determine the next steps towards the goal. Force, bashing, and centrifugal force are unnecessary.

Most of our customers will know what SDBB stands for. While Juno had been designing and producing Sequential Discovery Burred Box, he already had an idea of a six piece burr with six compartments. To turn the broad and rough idea to a realistic and attractive product, he needed to create non-repetitive tricks for the six compartments and make them operable. Many ideas had to be abandoned because of limited space to be fitted in the small part of the puzzle pieces and finally, six different kinds of steps were given to all six pieces. There are some very odd steps to progress to the goal that many puzzle lovers probably had never seen. Disassembling the original six piece burr is also another challenge since it is not straight forward.

The puzzle is quite heavy and big, the cubic volume is more than twice that of SDBB. Although it has a rather simple external shape because it is just like a normal six piece burr and the tricks and gimmicks cannot be seen when the puzzle is assembled, you will soon find its complexity after playing with it. Every time you open a lid, you can make sure how the tricks work.

The main part of the puzzle is made of PNG Rosewood that has various colors from pale yellow to dark brown. We intentionally mixed the colors for the set of the puzzle and did not use the same color for the six pieces. We hope that this decision will enhance our customers' enjoyment of the character of the timber. Most of the small parts are made of Jarrah combined with metal parts and bamboo. African Ebony, American Black Walnut, and Black Bean are also used to cover the internal construction. All three kinds of timber have a darker color with distinguished grain and it stands out on the yellowish surface of the puzzle pieces.

The price of our product is decided on a material cost + work time basis. The project started in late 2019 and lots of material and tools were sacrificed during the production process. Several hours of intensive CNC work was required for each set of the puzzle by using two CNC routers in tandem. We have about 90 puzzles to sell and once sold out, the puzzle is no longer available as Juno has no intention to reproduce the same puzzle again.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The solution to this puzzle will be supplied upon request by PDF file format.

Size: 133 mm x 133 mm x 133 mm

Number of pieces: Secret

Material: PNG Rosewood, Jarrah, metal etc.

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+