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Slammed Car

Slammed Car

This is Juno's second sequential discovery puzzle that he initially designed to become so. The first one was Sequential Discovery Burred Box though he has also designed several puzzle boxes that have tastes of sequential discovery. This puzzle requires lots of steps, around 15 to 20 depending on how it is counted.

The puzzle has an internal cavity and it is also categorized as a puzzle box. To make the definition of the puzzle clearer, we put a loaf of bread in the cavity and it helps you to realize the goal of the puzzle.

Some people will find out the difference of the colors of rego (number) plates, one on the front and the other one on the rear, and then they might think why that. We expected to export some cars to the UK market and a white and yellow color code is constituted by the UK law. We are here in Queensland and our color code for the rego plate is almost like anything goes, even accepting emoji on it. So we decided to stick to the UK laws and pretend to be posh not like rough Queenslanders.

The difficulty of the puzzle is not too difficult but not so modest. Like most of Juno's former designed puzzle boxes, bashing, tapping and centrifugal forces are not necessary to open it. It can be solved by gentle operation. If you think that the puzzle doesn't work as you expect, please consider the possibility that you might have missed or overlooked a trick(s) of the puzzle.

Please be careful when you park the car on a shelf, securing the car so that it does not run off the cliff. It is a good idea to have a sort of wheel lock, or place the car on a piece of cloth. Playing the puzzle on a wide spread blanket or a large towel is also recommended because it makes the handling (operation) easier and these cloths give a good grip for the wheels.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The solution to this puzzle will be supplied upon request.


Overall length 181 mm
Overall width 78 mm (94 mm mirrors unfolded)
Overall height 76 mm
Wheelbase 105 mm
Wheel size 40 mm
Ground clearance 5 mm
Cargo capacity 0.000065 Litres (W46 x L38 x D37 mm)
curb weight 0.41 kg
Number of doors 3 (2 are fixed though)
Engine type Human powered?
Cylinders Says 1
Fuel consumption 0 liter!
Koto Main body parts
Blackbean Wheels, Roof, Wing mirrors etc.
Jarrah Some parts require durability and strength
PNG Rosewood Head lights and rear rego plate
Metal Factory top secret
General infomation
Maker Pluredro
Car designer Junichi Yananose (Juno)
Origin Made in Australia
Recommended ages 12+