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Ring Case

Ring Case

This sequential discovery puzzle is designed to contain a finger ring. We are very aware that some of our customers' partners are not happy with your puzzle hoarding hobby. Using this puzzle, you can say to your partner that you have bought a ring for your beloved person and you are just keeping the container.

Once you hold the puzzle, the goal and what you should do seem to be obvious, now you need to find out how. Of course, the lid of the box will be slid out and be removed but it is not the actual goal of the puzzle. You will see the real goal of the puzzle when you reach the final steps of the puzzle.

One of the parts that is used will be familiar to some mathematicians and math lovers. Probably, many of you and your partner will also like the item but unfortunately it is too small to use in our general life.

It is always difficult to tell the difficulty of puzzle boxes. A few people who are very observant and have good imagination might solve the puzzle within 30 minutes. If not, maybe hours or days but we believe that the puzzle is not terribly difficult, especially if you are a sequential discovery puzzle lover.

The same as the other our puzzle products, bashing, tapping and centrifugal forces are not necessary. The puzzle can be solved by gentle operations.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The solution to this puzzle will be supplied upon request.

Size: 81mm x 81mm x 53mm


Main body: Victorian Ash

Side panels and Legs: Jarrah

Lid: American Rock Maple and Jarrah

Small parts: Burmese Teak, Jarrah and metal

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+