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Quartet Box

Quartet Box

You will find the similarity of this puzzle to Ixia Box. Juno produced the gear part of the puzzle at the same time as Ixia Box and it became the six month project to complete the production of the puzzle. Many hours of CNC milling works were required for each individual puzzle. Once you see the construction of the puzzle, you would recognize how tough and time consuming it would be to produce such a puzzle.

Juno had a basic idea of the puzzle long ago. It was not practical to produce the puzzle because it was hard to guarantee the accuracy and proper tolerance for the puzzle at that time. Using the CNC router made the production of the puzzle realistic and possible.

This is a weird puzzle and you won't expect the movement and the mechanism of the puzzle. It requires perfect harmonies of the quartet members to solve the puzzle. Bashing, tapping, and centrifugal force are unnecessary. It can be solved by gentle operation.

Burmese Teak, used for the main part of the puzzle is a bit troublesome to glue. So, Juno reinforced the parts using dowels and the surface of the timber was wiped with acetone. Two pack epoxy glue was also used through necessity.

There are about 30 magnets used in the puzzle. Some of these magnets are used to enhance the good feeling on the hands when you play with the puzzle. We do hope you have a good experience playing with this puzzle.

The compartment of the puzzle is very small, only 22 mm in diameter and the depth is 22 mm.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The PDF version solution will be provided upon request.

Size: 98 mm x 98 mm x 58 mm

Material: Burmese Teak, Jarrah, Koto, eight species of timber for the gears, metal parts etc.

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+