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The puzzles on the archive page are no longer available. We do not reproduce them unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Pinned Framed Burr L

Pinned Framed Burr L

Here is another representation of Framed Burr. It features pins and complex shaped grooves on the pieces and there are also grooves on the four sides of the frame to give an escaping exit to the pins. This is a level 149-15-2 burr puzzle meaning it requires 149 moves to remove the first piece from the frame, and another 15 and 2 moves for the second and third pieces.

Juno originally designed 57 moves for one piece and he was almost ready to produce them for our regular product. He wanted to reuse the off-cuts of Burmese Teak pieces and designed smaller pinned framed burr that can be made from the off-cuts. Those M and S sized puzzles had 50 and 40 moves solution and he thought that 57 moves for the L sized puzzle was not enough. He restarted the design from scratch and increased the moves of the L sized puzzle to 149.

Insanity guaranteed.

Of course, the puzzle is very difficult, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible for human beings to assemble without computer aids. Because of the smaller number of possible assemblies of the four internal pieces, some very serious puzzlers can find the orientation of the pieces and can track the way to the goal of the puzzle by unremitting and patient efforts. Although the numbers of the required moves for the solution is smaller than one of our product Meanders Box, this one is at least ten times more difficult than Meanders Box.

The puzzle is quite big and heavy. Please check the images below and then you can imagine how big the puzzle would be in your hands. The frame has concave on the four sides to make pushing the internal pieces easier.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The solution to this puzzle will be supplied upon request by Burr Tools file format.

Size: 135 mm x 135 mm x 42 mm

Number of pieces: 5

Material: American Rock Maple, PNG Rosewood, Burmese Teak and stainless pins

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+