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Ixia Box

Ixia Box

This is Juno’s fourth secret puzzle box product.

Every time he produces polyhedral shape burr puzzles, there are a lot of off-cuts of the stock of timber because the pieces of those puzzles are comparatively long and both ends of the stock have to be trimmed off. Those off-cuts are too good to be thrown away. He decided to somehow reuse the off-cuts and it turned out to be the secret puzzle box project.

There are two flowers, which are the shape of Ixia on top of the puzzle box. You will notice that you have to do something with those flowers to open the box but the step of the puzzle is not just one. The box is more like a sequential discovery puzzle requiring several steps to reach the goal. You might think that a couple of steps are quite odd but you never have to bash or tap the box. Please find an elegant way to solve the puzzle.

Juno again used the CNC router a lot to produce the puzzle. As you solve the puzzle, you will see that it is difficult to acquire the shape of some parts using traditional wood machinery. He needed several hours of CNC work to produce each puzzle box and it became a three-month project. He used to call the CNC router a Chinese servant (the machine is made in China) but now he calls it a reliable co-worker.

We left a note in the compartment of the box, so when you reach the goal and open the box, you will find another challenge. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The dimension of the compartment is 81 mm in length, 71 mm in width and the depth is 25 mm.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The PDF version solution will be provided upon request.

Size: 144mm x 94mm x 84mm

Material: PNG Rosewood, Jarrah, Util, Bubinga (sapwood), Ebony, metal parts etc.

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+