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The puzzles on the archive page are no longer available. We do not reproduce them unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Doable 12

Doable 12

This twelve-piece board burr puzzle is very difficult, but it is doable for human beings without computer aids. Many complex burr puzzles require multiple movements to assemble/disassemble and also have thousands or millions of assemblies. These puzzles are sometimes beyond the abilities of human beings and it is impossible to solve them if you are handed disassembled pieces without clues.

For example one of our products, Tangled Clip Burr, has a unique level 15 solution and has 240 assemblies. It means the 12 pieces can form the assembled shape in 240 ways in three-dimensional space but only one of them can theoretically be assembled/disassembled. Finding only one among 240, and then assembling the twelve pieces in the right order is extremely difficult. Therefore, we sometimes tell our customers that Tangled Clip Burr is almost impossible for human beings to solve.

The original version of doable 12 had a unique solution and 89,499 assemblies. To make the puzzle doable to human beings, Juno decided to make the puzzle have unique assemblies by modifying the shape of the pieces. Now, you will understand that's why the pieces of the puzzle have weird shapes formed by some curved or angled lines. There are also non-full depth checkouts and parting lines that don't follow simple square grids. It is obvious how the six pairs of pieces should be combined and then, you can narrow down which pair goes where to form the assembled shape by checking the depth of some checkouts. The puzzle has a unique level 14 solution and the remaining challenge is to find out in which order the pieces have to be assembled. It is still tough work, but we believe it is doable.

To make the puzzle pieces durable, we produced our original plywood laminating American Black Walnut and European Beech. It was a very time-consuming job and it also took more than three hours to cut a set of twelve pieces using a CNC router. We therefore have only 13 puzzles to sell. Like all our other puzzle products, the puzzle is a kind of limited edition and we won't produce the same products again.

The fitting of the puzzle is adjusted a little loose to prevent grabing when you operate multiple pieces at the same time.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The solution to this puzzle will be supplied upon request by Burr Tools file format.

Size: 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm

Number of pieces: 12

Material: American Black Walnut and European Beech

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+