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Sequential Discovery Burred Box

Sequential Discovery Burred Box

This six-piece burr shaped puzzle happens to have a small cavity or compartment and it requires sequential discovery movements to access the cavity using tools that belong to the puzzle itself.

Is this a burr puzzle?

Yes, look at the shape. It is obvious.

Is this a puzzle box?

Yes, because it has a compartment to keep something internally.

Is this a sequential discovery puzzle?

Yes, the puzzle requires tools to go onto the next step and eventually reach the goal.

The designer of the puzzle, Juno, has a rather twisted mind and enjoys fooling puzzle solvers. He has designed several burr puzzles that do look like ordinary six-piece burrs, but they are somehow weird or totally different to the ordinary ones. The shape of the Sequential Discovery Burred Box is also the same as the normal six-piece burr and once you start disassembling the puzzle, you will immediately notice its exceptional gimmick or tricks.

As long as you observe the puzzle very carefully, it shouldn’t be too difficult to solve. Depending on how to count, the puzzle requires about ten steps to reach the goal. Bashing and centrifugal force are unnecessary. It can be solved by gentle operation.

The puzzle is a lot larger than the ordinary size six-piece burr puzzles to hide most of the engineering works inside. PNG Rosewood is used for the main part of the puzzle. Jarrah and Ironbark are used for the small parts to satisfy the durability and strength. There are lots of metal parts hidden inside as well.

The compartment of the puzzle has a rectangular shape with rounded corners, 39 mm in length, 13 mm in width and the depth is 19 mm.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The solution to this puzzle will be supplied upon request.

Size: 101 mm x 101 mm x 101 mm

Number of pieces: 6

Material: PNG Rosewood, Jarrah and Ironbark (small piece) and metal parts

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+