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Mirii 6x4 - Polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle

Mirii 6x4 - Polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle

A polyhedral shape interlocking puzzle designed and made by Junichi Yananose (aka Juno) in 2018. The shape of the puzzle is based on a six intersecting squares. You can see in the image below that three color squares intersect each other and form a star shaped polyhedron.

This is the third Mirii series star-shaped polyhedral puzzle preceded by Mirii 4x3 and Mirii CFT. Mirii is an Aboriginal word, meaning star in English. All of our Mirii series puzzles consist of several identical geometrical shapes, five tetrahedra for Mirii CFT, four triangles for Mirii 4x3 and six squares for Mirii 6x4. After Juno designed Mirii 4x3 and Mirii CFT, he looked for the next challenge and chose six intersecting squares.

There are possibly four kinds of checkouts on a stick shape piece. Considering the combination and symmetry of the checkouts, there are 15 different kinds of pieces that can be used for the puzzle ignoring the color of the timber. Juno's role was to include all 15 kinds of pieces in this puzzle. It was also important to design the puzzle doable by two hands. Although the aids of rubber bands is highly suggested to assemble the puzzle, the puzzle doesn't require more than three hands unlike some coordinated motion puzzles.

The difficulty of the puzzle is extreme. You might think that the colors of the timbers are helpful to narrow the possibility of the orientation of the pieces. It is only a tiny part of the puzzle and we can assure you that there are lots more challenges, fun or torture.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The PDF version, step by step solution will be provided upon request.

Diameter of the circumscribed sphere: 228 mm

Length of the pieces: 164 mm

Number of pieces: 24

Material: Koto, Jarrah and PNG Rosewood

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 15+