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Mirii 4x3 - Polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle

Mirii 4x3 - Polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle

A polyhedral shape interlocking puzzle designed and made by Junichi Yananose (aka Juno) in 2017. The shape of the puzzle is based on four intersecting triangles.

Thanks to the advancement of computer technology and puzzle solving/designing programs, like BurrTools, many people design puzzles nowadays. Most of those puzzles are based on orthogonal space grids. A puzzle based on cube elements is easily understood and designed using BurrTools.

Juno always thinks that he should design puzzles which could not easily be designed by computer program. Non-orthogonal puzzles are one of the options and he has already designed three Reza series puzzles combining two regular polyhedra. Of course those polyhedral puzzles can be produced using a 3D printer but he loves working with wood, putting various ideas to shape puzzle pieces precisely with tools and jigs.

Although the number of the pieces is the same as Reza 4-4, this puzzle is far more difficult than Reza 4-4. The color of the timber gives you a hint of the orientation of the pieces but you still have to work out which piece goes where and in which order the puzzle should be assembled.

Mirii is an Aboriginal word meaning star in English. It is his wife, Yukari's idea, to give an Aboriginal name since we have been living in Australia. We think that the sound and name matches the shape of the puzzle.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The printed solution of the puzzle is enclosed.

Size: 139 m x 139 mm x 139 mm

Number of pieces: 12

Material: Silver Ash (citrus family tree), Jarrah and Blackbean

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+