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Half Splitted 12

Half Splitted 12

This puzzle was produced at the same time as Pseudo Stretcher 12. Although it takes a relatively small number, only six moves to remove the first piece from the assembled shape, Juno thought this puzzle should be added to the series of 12-piece Burr puzzles that consist of six 2x2 pieces and six 3x1 pieces.

Since the pieces of this puzzle do not interlock very well, the maximum number of moves will probably remain in the single digits even if Juno continues to search for higher move configurations, so he chose one of the level-6 pieces selection that can give better workability and lesser internal voids.

Assembling a puzzle without any clues is still quite difficult. In fact, many 12-piece burr puzzles are difficult even if those have a level 1, single-move solution, so please do not be embarrassed if you cannot solve them.

The puzzle is sold assembled. The solution to this puzzle will be supplied upon request by Burr Tools file format.

Size: 74 mm x 74 mm x 74 mm

Number of pieces: 12

Material: Satin Sycamore, Sassafras, and PNG Rosewood

Designer: Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Origin: Made in Australia

Ages: 12+

Half Splitted 12 Half Splitted 12 Half Splitted 12 Half Splitted 12 Half Splitted 12 Half Splitted 12 Half Splitted 12 Half Splitted 12